Many accountants 'buy in' their client newsletter content which usually means the same text being produced at a set issue date but with just a change of logo.

Our newsletter is different - not only are they produced in-house, they are written specifically with our clients in mind. We intend our newsletters to be a personal link, as a reminder that we are here - but also to bring to your attention tax tips that could reduce your tax bill and thus allow you to keep one step ahead of the taxman.


And as proof that not all accountants are boring we include a cartoon in each newsletter which might make you smile.


We hope you enjoy reading our newsletters, finding them to be useful. Should you need further detail on any of the items covered - please get in touch.


April 2014 - our very first newsletter


Our first newsletter was published after George Osborne's third budget. Although his pronouncements were dissected in the national papers we though we'd start our new venture by taking a look at the proposals from our clients point of view.


As this was our first newsletter we took the opportunity of reminding clients what can be done to help make our job of preparing accounts just that little bit easier.


  • The newsletter also contained :

  • Tax tips - will you get the full state pension? AND - using a room as an office

  • Monthly dates to remember

  • Property Tax tips and dodges - pre-letting repairs


Spring Newsletter - May 2014


This newsletter contains an article that gives insight into which businesses are more likely to be investigated by the taxman and what can be done should you suddenly find yourself the subject of an investigation.


The Chancellor intends to allow HMRC to recover tax liabilities direct from bank accounts; the second article in this newsletter details the procedure HMRC intends to use.


The newsletter also contained:


  • Tax tips​ - Company moble phones AND - have you made a will?

  • Monthly dates to remember

  • Company tax tips and dodges - how much to withdraw as salary vs dividend

Summer Newsletter - August / September 2014


This newsletter contains an article that asked the question - 'Are there any tax advantages of being married?'


Many sole trader businesses could save tax by being a limited company. The second article in this newsletter discusses the merits or otherwise of becoming a company.

The newsletter also contained:


  • Tax tips - Purchase of business assets AND - tax deduction for clothes

  • Monthly dates to remember

  • Property tax tips and dodges - losses